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5/17/22 9:18 AM

Data protection made in Germany

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FAST LTA is a specialist in the field of data backup. The Silent Cubes and Silent Bricks products have successfully established and proven themselves both nationally in Germany and internationally.

One of the reasons for their success is certainly that the entire operational infrastructure is based in Germany. This goes from design to development and support to production.

Design, development and support in Germany

FAST LTA was founded in Munich and still unites all business areas under one roof in its offices in Munich's Westend. Here, technical development, quality assurance, marketing, sales and support are located next door to each other. The close interlocking and physical proximity of the individual divisions is a great help in both internal and external communication.

This means that internal communication encounters fewer obstacles and potential problems can be identified and solved or even avoided at an early stage. Administrative and organisational activities can also be carried out more easily and efficiently.

"Flexible, fast, high quality".

In addition to the employees, however, it is primarily FAST LTA's customers who benefit from the prevailing business infrastructure. Thus, individual enquiries or existing problems can often be processed and solved quickly and in a targeted manner by the support or sales staff. It is an enormous help that service and sales are in such close contact with development. This way, everyone is always up to date on the latest developments.

This means that existing and future customers always have competent contact persons at FAST LTA. Joachim Schmitt, head of IT at the Kempten-Oberallgäu hospital association, is also aware of this. Thanks to the smooth process and the support of the FAST LTA experts, he was able to convert his systems in only two months. In 15 years, Schmitt has only very rarely experienced a technology company that has been so flexible, fast and of such high quality. Read the complete case study here.

Made in Germany

In addition to development, support and design, production also takes place in Germany. The circuit boards are manufactured by BMK Professional in Augsburg and Elprog in Benediktbeuern, while the final assembly takes place at Pyramid Computer GmbH in Erfurt and at BMK Services.


Topics: Media Storage, Silent Cubes, Silent Bricks, Data Security, Data Storage, Technology

Author: Marek Birkenhauer | FAST LTA