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9/16/20 10:51 AM

Revision-proof documenting and archiving of nuclear waste disposal

GNS chooses FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System

For more than 40 years GNS has been offering efficient and reliable solutions for nuclear waste disposal during operation and closures of nuclear power plants and nuclear installations. Furthermore, comprehensive solutions for all phases of closures and dismantling of nuclear installations are provided. These activities need to me monitored closely, plus nuclear liabilities and burdens of proof with durations over many decades must be met and documented revision-proof.


Up to now GNS archived on tapes which were difficult to manage and limited in capacity. According to Daniel Schlick, IT department head at GNS, those tapes could not withstand the companies data growth. Access on archived data also proved to be to complicated and time-consuming.

GNS therefore decided to replace tapes and other archiving systems with FAST LTA’s Silent Brick System, which led to an immense simplification of the archiving process. FAST LTA’s promised service support of 10 years also strengthened the decision. Implementation was made in cooperation with IT systems house CEMA, partner of FAST LTA and longstanding adviser of GNS. Daniel Schlick was especially satisfied by the extensibility and modularity during integration, wherefore archiving systems can be expanded almost limitless and used flexibly. Because of FAST LTA’s first-class service and a convincing solution approach new fields of application are also being explored.

Further information: https://www.fast-lta.de/de/testimonial/gns/

Topics: Backup, Silent Bricks, Aktuelles

Author: Emily Nistler | Marketing at FAST LTA